DipDip Centers

Play to Learn!

Designed for Children aged
3 to 12

1. Tutor-managed Content

Play to learn with DipDip Cloud, Competitions and Brain Training. The learning content is managed by tutors to meet your personal needs and progress.

2. Virtual & Real Games

Play DipDip virtual and real games for fast learning.

3. Virtual & Real Competitions

Apply what you have learnt in DipDip virtual and real competitions.

4. Collaborative Learning

Practice in group activities that develop teamwork skills. Exchange puzzles and share with others.

5. Gifts

Learn more to get more puzzle pieces from the DipDip Capsule Station. Win more DipDip gifts as learning rewards.

DipDip Language Intelligence

1. Play to learn Multiple Languages and enhance Language Intelligence by Brain Training and Competitions.

2. Train up Attentive Learning and Cognitive Ability.

3. Play to learn everyday vocabulary and sentences in 3 languages at the same time.

4. Alternate learning of 9 languages with Language Intelligence Report.

DipDip Quick Learning of English

Quick and fun learning of English by DipDip Cloud and Competitions
Play to learn English vocabulary, phonics, spelling, grammar and sentences with rapid progress.