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Books into Games

Convert any books or content into games

Books into Games

Convert any books or content into games

Books to Games

1. Custom Content

Create games from your own content. Or choose game content for school curricula, public examinations or fun learning.

2. Active Self-learning

Make learning fun and develop self-learning habits.

3. Attentive Learning

Games are designed with animated selections and time limits for attentive listening, reading and thinking.

4. Reflex Answering

Speed up your response times when playing games. This speeds up your learning progress and improves your answering skills in examinations.

5. A.I. Revision

For the same content, different games are generated and delivered for your revision by our artificial intelligence program. Your memory levels on different learning items are recorded, measured, enhanced and reported.

30-Day Language Courses

Fast learning of 300 vocabulary items within 30 days by DipDip Sense™.

Benefits of Cloud Learning

Quick Progress

According to the tests of various third parties, DipDip Cloud can help students learn 3 to 6 times faster than traditional methods.

Happy Learning

It is a sustainable way of learning that enhances students’ learning interest and builds their confidence.

Better Memory

A happy learning experience and the smart revisions of DipDip Cloud result in better memory.